Chartreuse is powerful and unique. In 1605 in a Chartreuse monastery in Vauvert, a small suburb of Paris, the monks received a gift from Duc Francois Hannibal d’ Estrées, Marshal of King’s Henri IV artillery : an already ancient manuscript from an “Elixir” soon to be nicknamed “Elixir of Long Life”. This manuscript was probably the work of a 16th century alchemist with a great knowledge of herbs and with the skill to blend, infuse, macerate the 130 of them to form a perfect balanced tonic.

Today Chartreuse Liqueurs are prepared by two Carthusian Brothers entrusted with a mission by their Order. They work in the greatest secrecy and are the only ones who know the details of manufacturing. Even today the formula remains a mystery which modern investigation methods have not been able to penetrate.

available in:

Chartreuse Green 55% ABV 3L, 700ml, 350ml

Chartreuse Yellow 43% ABV 3L

Chartreuse Yellow 40% ABV 700ml

Chartreuse M.O.F. 45% ABV 700ml

Chartreuse 1605 56% ABV 700ml

Chartreuse 9th Century 47% ABV 700ml

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