Francoli Fernet

The Francoli family began distilling in 1875 in the village of Campodolcino in the mountains above Lake Como.

Francoli Fernet is a traditional Italian bitter spirit. Originating in the 1800’s – the liqueur was purported to have medicinal properties – it was said to be anti-choleric.

Fernet has always been extremely popular in Italy. Today Fernet is gaining a cult status the world over. Bartenders gravitate to it – often calling Fernet the ‘Jager for men’. Drinking Fernet gives the perception that you have an advanced palate. It also distinguishes the drinker from the mainstream consumer that imbibes in fashionable drinks such as Cosmopolitans. Paradoxically Fernet has a reputation as a useful hangover cure.

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Francoli Fernet 40% ABV 700ml

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