Prohibition Original Gin

With the introduction of prohibition in Australia in the early 1900s, a shadowy, underground industry emerged – bootleg spirits. It gave people what they wanted most. Gin, the liquor of choice was produced by ‘bootleggers’ the clandestine spirit makers of the time. Over a hundred years later, their spirit lives on at Prohibition Liquor Co. while their small-batch approach closely echoes that of the bootleggers obsession with craftsmanship and commitment to using the world’s finest botanicals results in an altogether sophisticated and premium gin.

A delicate, contemporary dry gin with a burst of citrus from blood orange, ruby red grapefruit and Australian native lemon myrtle leaf, balancing spice of wormwood, pink peppercorns and ginger for warmth. Herbal juniper notes lengthened by green tea, with smooth, sweet vanilla adding mouth-feel and lavender bouquet to finish. Prohibition Original is the perfect martini gin, with a soft, sophisticated elegance in flavour and depth, with a perfect balance of citrus and sweetness, spice and floral finish.

available in:

Prohibition Original Gin 42% ABV 700ml
Prohibition Moonlight Gin 42% ABV 500ml
Prohibition Blood Orange Gin 44% ABV 500ml
Prohibition Navy Strength Gin 58% ABV 500ml
Prohibition Bathtub Cut Gin 69% ABV 500ml

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