Rum and the sea are inseparable, and no rum is more akin to the sea and the sailor than Pusser’s Rum, the Original Navy Rum. For more than 300 years, from the earliest days of wooden ships and iron men, sailors of Great Britain’s Royal Navy were issued a daily ration – or "tot"– of rum by the ship’s "Purser" (corrupted by the sailors to Pusser’s). Before battle, they were issued a double "tot", and always after victory for a job well done!

Pusser’s measures production in days and weeks, not hours. But nothing can touch the flavour that wood imparts to rum that is distilled using techniques that span through centuries. It certainly wouldn’t be a Navy Rum, and it wouldn’t be Pusser’s Rum. It is still the same Admiralty rum, the original Navy Rum, as it has been for more than 300 years.


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Pusser’s Navy Rum 40% ABV 700ml

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