Spytail Rum

Spytail is named after a legendary submarine - plans for which were discovered by the distillers. The first mechanical submarines in the world were invented in France - and tested on the Charente River which flows nearby the distillery. These were the submarines which Jules Vernes used as the inspiration for his famous novel - 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. The Spytail Rum Company uses this history as the basis for two exceptional rums, Spytail Rum and Spytail Ginger Rum. Spytail Cognac Barrel Rum is aged in cognac casks and Spytail Ginger Rum is infused with fresh ginger and spices. With aged rums sourced from the Caribbean (Trinidad and Guyana) and blended, producing two exceptional rums.


available in:

Spytail Cognac Barrel Rum 40% ABV 700ml
Spytail Ginger Rum ABV 40% ABV 700ml

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