Tin Cup

TINCUP is a classic American Whiskey. It has a bourbon style profile with a bold and spicy finish. Its signature flavour is from balancing the spice and pepper flavor of rye with the sweet and smooth taste of corn and malt. It's made using Midwestern grains, aged in new American white oak barrels and is cut with Rocky Mountain water.

“I’ve been distilling since I first moved to Colorado in 1972. A good friend of mine bequeathed me his still and making whiskey has been a passion of mine ever since. I made TINCUP in honor of Colorado’s first whiskey drinkers and the tin cups they drank from. It is inspired by, and made for the mountains. I really hope you enjoy it; life is too short to drink bad whiskey.” Jess Graber, Founder


available in:

TINCUP Colorado Whiskey 42% ABV 750ml

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