Wild Turkey 101 & Cola Zero RTD 7% ABV 10x330ml

Steeped in history and dating back to 1855 when wholesale grocer Austin Nichols, sold wine and spirits, including Wild Turkey to locals, to 1940 when a distillery executive shared his bourbon with friends on an annual hunting trip – hunting Wild Turkey. In 1954, the arrival of infamous Master Distiller Jimmy Russell, later joined by his son Eddie Russell, who both lead the way with Wild Turkey Bourbon attracting a broader audience and more drinkers to the world of bourbon. Masterful, premium and unique, every Wild Turkey product reflects the history and heritage - crafting an American icon.




available in:

Wild Turkey Bourbon 40.5% ABV 1L
Wild Turkey American Honey 35.5% ABV 700ml
Wild Turkey Longbranch Bourbon 40% ABV 700ml
Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon 50.5% ABV 700ml
Wild Turkey Rye Bourbon 40.5% ABV 700ml
Wild Turkey Rare Breed 58.4% ABV 700ml
Wild Turkey & Cola RTD 4.8% ABV 3x10 330ml
Wild Turkey & Cola RTD 7% ABV 3x10 330ml
Wild Turkey & Cola Zero RTD 7% ABV 3x10 330ml
Wild Turkey & Cola RTD 4.8% ABV 4x6 340ml

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